Medicus Indemnity New Zealand Inc





What is Medicus?

Medicus Indemnity New Zealand Inc., is a New Zealand owned ‘not for profit’ membership society providing medical professionals with competitive professional liability insurance, risk management, and associated medico-legal advice and support.


At Medicus, we understand that being on the receiving end of a complaint or investigation can be a stressful and challenging time. Our experienced advisers are available to assist and support you when you need it.



Find out if Medicus is right for you

Membership caters to a wide range of speciality and general practice health professionals, associates and students within New Zealand.


Joining Medicus gives you access to competitive insurance cover, medico legal counseling services, legal specialists and risk management and loss mitigation services.


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Who controls Medicus?

Medicus is governed by a board of directors all of whom are New Zealand registered or retired medical practitioners or legal advisers. The board is committed to the development of a New Zealand based medical indemnity programme. Surplus revenue generated by Medicus will be returned to the New Zealand profession.


How does Medicus protect me?

Medicus is a risk management organisation designed to assist members of the New Zealand medical profession to manage the risks associated with professional practice. It does this by way of the use of a written insurance policy and by providing support to members experiencing medico-legal problems using experienced medico-legal counsellors and legal advisers. Medicus uses the services of insurance broker Aon New Zealand to obtain highly rated commercially underwritten insurance for its members.


What are Medicus' Terms and Conditions for online services?

View the Terms and Conditions governing the use of the Medicus Indemnity New Zealand Inc., (Medicus) online service for the purchase of Medical Indemnity insurance.