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Medicus Matters Issue 4 - Oct 2022

This month we’re covering topics that’ll be of interest to health practitioners from both New Zealand and abroad, and we are delighted to introduce two new members to our board, Vanessa Weenink and Roderick Mulgan.

We continue to periodically encounter circumstances where fundamentally sound and good health practitioners are being denied cover, or let down by their long-time indemnity provider. What New Zealand’s practitioners need now more than ever, is strong advocacy from a New Zealand-based board of peers guiding the processes that affect them, and not merely reliance on a board of unknown individuals residing on the other side of the world.

Every member of Medicus has made an informed decision to change their provider at some point in the last 12 years. Let me appeal to you all to share your reasons with your colleagues, before some of them find themselves let down or even cast adrift. We would also appreciate your support digitally. When you receive our newsletter or when you come across Medicus Facebook and LinkedIn posts that you can relate to, we encourage you to share these with your colleagues and connections.

We owe it to our peers to protect each other against the periodic perils that can lie ahead, recognition of which persuaded us to make the change. Help your colleagues, use your connections and help us spread our message.

Many thanks.

Dr Richard Stubbs

Download the full newsletter here:

Medicus Matters October 2022
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