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Medicus Matters June Issue

The healthcare workforce issues facing New Zealand are being experienced in many countries throughout the world, including most if not all of those from which we have traditionally sourced healthcare personnel through immigration.

The solution to the problem will take time and involve not only immigration but an increase to the numbers of New Zealand-trained graduates and changes to the way in which we deliver healthcare.

Of relevance to all New Zealand healthcare professionals is that public expectations of healthcare delivery and outcomes has been increasing, and yet the tolerance for poor outcomes, or of perceived deficiencies in healthcare delivery, has been diminishing, and for quite some years.

All of this bodes poorly for healthcare professionals and their need for quality and certainty around professional indemnity.

It is in this world of heightened professional risk that the point of difference offered by Medicus is likely to become more evident. The certainty and assurance that comes with an insurance product rather than support from a mutual society will become important.

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Medicus Matters June
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