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Medicus Matters March Issue

We've got you covered!

Kia ora and welcome to the first issue of Medicus Matters for 2023.

Medicus is a New Zealand-based organisation focused on supporting our health professionals in our unique regulatory environment. It is important to us to keep our members informed of current risks when it comes to their practice and ideas on how to mitigate them.

In this Issue, we take an overview of the disciplinary landscape and Dr Roderick Mulgan provides further advice on matters relating to Wills and Enduring Power Of Attorney (EPOA). Dr Andrew Dunn has analysed the past four years of Health Practitioner Disciplinary Tribunal findings against doctors and found them consistent with the standards recently published by the chair of the Medical Council, Dr Curtis Walker. Also provided is a review of what is happening at the HDC level.

Dr. Mulgan explains testamentary capacity, the critical notion that an adequate assessment was made at the time a will was penned. Getting this right can mitigate significant issues further down the track. The Medicus team remains focused on ensuring our members practice safely and encourage you to reflect on Council standards referred to. Furthermore, if there is an area of interest or questions you would like answered, the Medicus team would be happy to cover this off in future Issues.

Download the full newsletter here.

Medicus Matters March (1)
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